Texas Prosecutors Sue Houston Gangbangers

1/14/2014 6:30:00 AM, Cameron Langford
     HOUSTON (CN) -Texas prosecutors sued 54 alleged Crips and Bloods gang members to keep them out of a 214-acre "zone" in Harris County.
     Texas sued the men through the Harris County Attorney's Office, in Harris County Court.
     The defendants include 37 alleged Bloods and 17 alleged Crips.
     Prosecutors focused their complaint on a 217-acre tract, or .34 square mile, they call the "East Aldine Safety Zone."
     The complaint includes detailed boundaries of the zone akin. In the zone are four apartment complexes, two schools, a Subway restaurant, a pharmacy, a laundromat, a hair braiding business and a seafood restaurant, among other establishments.
     Calling the men a "public nuisance ... because of their continual and regular association in gang activities within the Safety Zone," prosecutors seek a temporary restraining order to keep them from "being physically present" in the zone.
     Prosecutors used nearly three pages of the complaint to state what they want the men stopped from doing in the zone, including "associating, standing, sitting, walking, driving, bicycling, or gathering with any person who defendant knows to be subject to an order enjoining gang activity." Attachment