Girl Says LA Deputy Sheriff Raped Her

12/31/2012 6:21:00 AM, Kevin Koeninger
     LOS ANGELES (CN) - A Los Angeles County deputy sheriff raped and sodomized a girl after meeting her on a domestic violence call, her guardian claims in court.
     Guardian ad litem Latanya Swayzer sued Los Angeles County, its Sheriff's Department, and deputy sheriff Kenneth Alexander, 46, on behalf of Jane Doe.
     Alexander pleaded guilty in August to criminal oral copulation of a minor, according to the Superior Court complaint.
     Alexander and another deputy met the girl at her home in responding to a domestic violence call in December 2010, when she was 15, according to the complaint. Alexander gave her his card, encouraged her to call him and eventually raped and sodomized her, the girl's guardian says in the complaint.
     Alexander "inquired of her as to whether she [the plaintiff] was being abused. Her response was no. After this exchange, claimant then went and got her mother and she and Alexander had a conversation about why he had come out to the house. After his discussion with claimant's mother, Alexander spoke with claimant again, out of her mother's presence and alone in a bedroom, then gave her his Sheriff's Deputy business card, telling her that if she had any problems to contact him on his cell number that he wrote on the back of the card," according to the complaint.
     The girl's family called Alexander less than a week later after her sister failed to return home, the guardian says. Upon picking up the girl's sister, "Alexander told claimant's sister that he really like her, then gave her one of his Sheriff's Deputy business cards, telling her, as with claimant, to call him on his cell number if she had any problems," the complaint states.
     Less than two weeks later, the guardian says, "claimant, from her home phone, called Alexander on his cell phone as instructed. The sum and substance of that initial conversation was that Alexander told her he wanted to get to know her better and that 'whatever we talk about let's keep it between ourselves.' Days after that telephone conversation, Alexander called claimant's home and asked for claimant's sister, however, claimant had answered the phone, and they began to talk. So as to disarm claimant and gain her confidence, Alexander called claimant many more times, most of which were in the afternoon while he was on duty at the sheriff's station where he was based. The latter of these telephone conversations began to be more sexual in nature.
     "On or about December 22, 2010, Alexander called claimant at her home, starting the conversation off with the typical questions of 'Are you ok?', 'What are you doing?', and 'What kind of things do you like?' He then asked claimant, however, 'What kind of panties are you wearing?' Claimant was startled, and Alexander calmed her down by telling her, 'Don't be shy. You can trust me.' As such, claimant told Alexander that she was wearing boy shorts, to which he responded, 'That's sexy.'
     "Alexander continued calling claimant while on duty gaining her trust, but increasingly posed sexual questions to claimant. He would often ask her, 'When can I see you?' On another occasion, he inquired of claimant as to whether she was a virgin, to which she, responded 'Yes.' He even told her he saw her walk home from school one day. Consistent throughout his conversations with claimant was an admonition that 'Whatever we talk about, just keep it between us.'"
     In early January 2011, Alexander persuaded the girl to see him, and after picking her up and taking her back to his house, "the conversation then turned to Alexander telling claimant about the first time he shot someone, and then to him complaining about how lazy his new partner was. At this point in time Alexander and claimant were sitting on his couch watching television. The very next thing that came out of Alexander's mouth was 'Can I take naked pictures of you?' 'No,' claimant responded. He then moved closer to claimant and starting touching her and hugging her, placing his hands on her breasts, thighs and vagina," according to the complaint.
     "Noticing that claimant was shaking and scared, Alexander told her to 'just calm down, I won't hurt you.' He then attempted to take her pants off, to which she told him to stop. Alexander did not stop, however, and responded to claimant that she 'shouldn't be scared, I won't hurt you.' At this point in time, Alexander had taken claimant's pants off. Her panties were still on. He then asked claimant if they could do oral sex, stating, 'You don't have to do me, I will do you.' Claimant told him that she had never done that before and did not want to do oral sex. Again, Alexander disregarded claimant's wishes, and pulled her legs toward him, opened them and performed oral sex on her. Alexander then restrained claimant and inserted his penis into her vagina, causing claimant to kick, yell and scream 'STOP!' Alexander stopped, and claimant grab [sic] her panties and pants and put them back on.
     "Upon returning home, after being raped by Alexander, claimant was in pain and noticed blood in her panties. There was no more contact between claimant and Alexander until Alexander called her on about February 3, 2011, and convinced her to go with him in his car. This encounter led to Alexander making claimant perform oral sex on him and an attempt by him to insert his penis into claimant's anus."
     Jane Doe seeks damages for battery, rape, sodomy, negligent supervision and intentional infliction of emotional distress.
     She is represented by Adam Shea, with Panish, Shea and Boyle.